About Computar


To the future. The Computar brand now represents its new mission.
To construct a more comfortable, safer infrastructure and bring about a super-smart society driven by next-generation technology. Future society needs a fusion of advanced technologies that go beyond the borders of individual industries, creating between themselves and forming technical liaisons to bring about better products. As optical professionals, our new promise, our mission, for the Computar brand is expressed as our hope to be a company that actively presses ahead with innovations.

Brand Promise

As a Catalyst of Optics, Computar brings together diverse ideas and cutting-edge technology from multiple fields, developing innovations beyond the limitations of any country or industry.

Brand Story

As a Pioneer of Optics, Computar has set the standard. We excel by uniting our comprehensive production abilities, knowledge, interdisciplinary perspectives, and diverse specialties. We do this by discovering the constant and unexplored demands of our evolving global society.
Our corporate origins date back a hundred years with the last forty in optics. We have developed a sustained ability to understand imaging applications and to engineer unique and innovative products. This ingenuity is the backbone of Computar’s growth.
With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering, Computar has set the pace for developing intelligent, value-added, and high-performance industrial lenses. We have established enduring business partnerships and customer relationships in optics globally.
Computar's pioneering innovations result from the advancement of optics in analog and digital, security, and machine vision. Our hands-on knowledge, multiple collaborations, insight, and creativity make us who we are today.
Our optical science expertise in the advanced fields of 5G, IoT, and robotics enables us to respond to our customers' evolving demands globally. We actively promote technical liaisons beyond the borders of individual industries, to deliver innovations based on a core of optics.

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