Quality Control

Unifying information from production sites around the world
to achieve a uniform, precise assessment standard for all products

At our head office, the heart of Computar's quality assurance, design and production technology work closely with us to share all kinds of product information. At our Development Center, technical development and quality assurance work in concert, efficiently assessing and judging all products with high levels of precision. Additionally, we are building a system that lets us understand all our customer information from around the world here at our head office, forming an organizational system that integrates manufacturing and sales.

Quality management by dedicated professionals
that leads to optimal solutions for customers

Computar manufactures products at both our own overseas factories and at domestic factories owned by partners we have been working with since our brand’s earliest days. We have established a high quality management system for maintaining brand quality from the launch of new products to their mass production. At our overseas factories, we assign dedicated professionals who have gone through our unique specialist training, thoroughly assuring product quality at our factories, down to each part supplier. For example, in quality assurance management, designers are required to understand and share with each factory detailed requests from customers, including feedback regarding past problems. We also take preemptive actions to ensure no problems arise, right from the product launch stage. This is not just about meeting current quality standards: our aim is to provide optimal solutions by reflecting the opinions of customers from around the world in our products.


A unique quality assessment system using accurate resolution analysis tools
and our original optical measurement devices

At Computar, we believe that we can get true stable quality by having a system that allows us to personally assess everything ourselves, down to the parts and raw materials that make up our products. We use the latest communication tools to share quality-related data from each factory with the head office in a timely manner. This system allows us to visualize inspection and analysis data from factories and reflect it our daily efforts to improve quality. On our production lines, we assess quality not just with off-the-shelf devices, but also through our own unique measurement devices that offer precision, speed, and utility. We also jointly develop our own measuring devices in conjunction with specialist manufacturers. We also use a refractive index measuring device used by glass melting manufacturers and an aspherical form 3D measurement device that measures aspherical lenses, the key to optical products. These ensure our quality assessment is even more reliable.


Constantly improve quality
by training skilled factory staff

At Computar, we also put a lot of effort into training our factory staff. While assessment devices for optical products are increasingly going digital, there is still a place for analogue devices, and people need to be able to use them properly in production sites. The expertise we have accumulated over half a century is taught at all our factories to ensure we can constantly work to improve the quality of our products.


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