Aiming to be a leading company in optics
through “First from Japan, First for the World” manufacturing

We bring together a knowledge of lens development and peripheral devices accumulated over half a century as we build a collaborative system with a wide range of customers, allowing us to provide products and technologies that enhance our customers’ businesses and product values. We can grow the Computar brand and create new markets by going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We want to be a leading company in manufacture that aims to be First from Japan, First for the World.

Achieve more detailed image recognition through “machine eyes” that utilize AI and deep learning

Today, lenses are vital parts of industrial machines in a range of fields, and their roles, functions, and resolutions are increasing without end. With the dramatic evolution of sensor technology, existing industrial lenses are often no longer able to cope with things like 3D inspections that combine illumination and shutters. For example, in monitoring, we have developed a lens for a facial recognition system that can capture high-resolution images from the center to the periphery of the screen using AI after ROI processing. We have also developed a spectral imaging lens for the machine vision market. This highly-regarded lens can make the correct judgment without the machine giving a false recognition even if the imaging wavelength changes, allowing for a sharp image at all times. We aim to achieve new lens performance as “machine eyes” in many different fields such as sophisticated image recognition through AI and deep learning, and not offer just mere high performance. Computar shares information from many fields as a “Catalyst of Optics,” communicating closely with hardware manufacturers from our position as a lens manufacturer. Drawing on our specialist knowledge, we provide unique products that are a fusion of optical and digital technology.

Aiming for a fusion of technologies that goes beyond the line that divides us from our customers,
creating products that actively use 4K and AI

In the security market, now in the 4K era, Computar has continued to work unstintingly on improving design and performance, design that takes robustness into consideration, and lens assembly adjustment technologies, all to improve the resolution of lenses for surveillance cameras. As a result, our lenses for 4K surveillance cameras are now considered best in their class in the industry. A big theme for Computar in the security market, where the needs for ever-greater resolution, AI such as risk prediction, and deep learning will only grow, is the development of lenses for advanced machine discrimination that go beyond current functions. At Computar, we have broken down the walls between the R&D team and the sales team, working to fuse them with our unique technology and knowledge as we bring planning and sales, development and design, and production technology together as one, constructing far-reaching collaborative systems with customers and developing new products that respond to a wide range of industry needs.


High-resolution products that work with AI and IoT such as automation and remote control

In the machine vision industry, not only is resolution increasing with the evolution of image sensors, but wavelength ranges and functions are also expanding rapidly. In developing high-resolution lenses following the old style, in addition to, of course, improving design and performance, designs and production methods that achieve high resolution in the entire image circle become more important. In addition, as AI judgments are becoming mainstream, from the perspective of expanding wavelength ranges we have to develop products with an eye to making the optimal lenses for inspections not just in visible lights, but infrared and ultraviolet as well. Moreover, we are also looking at social issues such as unmanned factories and IoT, aiming to contribute to society by always providing products that offer new value such as lenses that can be remotely or digitally controlled.

A network of 40 sites around the world:
Computar's production and sales sites look towards future lenses

Computar has sites in 40 locations around the world. The CBC Group has the only global network in the industry, which it uses to share and gather technical information and national or regional needs around the world. By drawing on our ability to create products with a view to the present and future of the world, we provide a product lineup that matches peoples’ diverse needs.


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