Computar's new concept. We have added a series that allows remote control of zoom, focus, and iris via USB (I2C) to our lineup. With the latest technology and unique ideas, we can provide superb solutions for a range of work applications.

Fix Focal Lenses

Our wide range of monofocal lenses covers the latest in sensor trends. Staying on top of the increasing aperture sizes and the jumps in resolution this allows, Computar's ability to create lenses that are small, lightweight, yet robust means that our lineup is trusted by some of the biggest names from around the world.

Macro Lenses

Variable-magnification macro lenses. We carry unique models that allow variable working distances and megapixel models. These are some of our longest-selling models.

Telecentric Lenses

In addition to a unique lineup that includes long-selling models that allow a wide range of working distances, high-resolution models, and models with macro zooms, customers can choose the optimal magnification and working distance from our diverse fixed-magnification series.

Visible+SWIR Lenses

Using the latest InGaAs sensors, these are designed to work with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation IMX990/991. ViSWIR lenses are ultra-high performance lenses that cover the entire spectrum from visible light to the SWIR band (800-1700 nm). The HYPER APO Series achieves high transmittance and high resolution without any focus shifting in multiple bands, while the Lite Series is designed to be compact, using a monoband. Our lineup also include mirror zoom lenses that are designed for monitoring distant subjects.

SWIR Lenses

Designed for 2/3-inch sensors, our lineup offers four focal length models for general uses. We can achieve high transparency in the SWIR band (800-1700 nm). Perfect for machine vision uses.

S-Mount Lenses

We offer a rich lineup of S-mount lenses for machine vision. These allow inspection equipment to be made smaller and lighter.


We carry accessories to suit a range of work or inspection environments.

Industrial Lenses General Catalogue

You can download Computar’s Industrial Lenses General Catalogue.
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Series Catalogue

These are catalogue for individual Computar products.

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