Machine Vision

Machine vision lenses now need not only high performance, but increasingly large apertures to match sensor trends, expanded wavelength ranges, and support for digital remote control. To match the evolution of inspection machines, we aim to create products that go beyond conventional areas, ones that only Computar can create.

  • Electronic


    We will respond to diversifying market needs with Computar's unique products such as our large aperture, compact lens series and lens series that support a wide range of wavelengths.

  • Automobile


    We can offer a wide range of proposals for future automotive industries, such as 3D scanning and automated driving applications.

  • Printing


    We will offer a diverse lineup that supports in-line inspection of printed materials, expiration dates, content notations, barcodes, and other printed labels.

  • Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics

    Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics

    We will cover anticipated product needs for AI-based image processing lens for things like visual checks of packaging or bottling.


In the security market there are added expectations for increased resolution along with the advanced AI required for risk prediction and deep learning. Computar can develop lenses suitable for sophisticated image identification that exceeds what is possible now.

  • Retail


    We develop lenses that stay ahead of the times for the AI stores of the future, such as for marketing uses or crime prevention.

  • Bank


    Computar's lineup of high-precision lenses is suitable for a range of security initiatives such as behavior detection, facial recognition, and biometric identification.

  • National Security

    National Security

    We have a diverse lineup of lenses with the specialized functions required for every environment, including preventing forest fires and monitoring national borders or ships. We also have a full range of models for long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) and short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) as well as near infrared (NIR).

  • Railways


    A lineup optimized for all the environments of railways and facilities around the world, including the varifocal lenses and zoom lenses that they demand.


As the world becomes more motorized, the ITS system can be applied to things like smart parking lots, recognizing number plates at toll booths, facial recognition of drivers and a range of other ways to prevent traffic violations or crime and ensure safety. At Computar, we will provide high-performance, optimal products that suit the various needs of the expanding global ITS market.

  • Road / Speed Monitoring

    Road / Speed Monitoring

    Through a fusion of specialist technologies that go beyond the fields of security and machine vision, Computar grasps ITS needs quicker than anyone, and applies our cutting-edge technologies in a range of road monitoring fields. We support reliable monitoring.

Development for New Fields

Today, the world is showing us new developments, reforms of existing industries and the creation of new businesses that utilize technologies like 5G, IoT, and AI. Computar will continue to meet these new emerging needs through advanced collaboration with cutting-edge development manufacturers, system integrators, and research institutions, with a view to even higher resolutions, advanced sensing technologies, next-generation solutions using ultra-high pixel sensors, expanded wavelengths, and spectral imaging technology in these industrial areas that will make society and lifestyles more prosperous.

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