4K, AI, and More: Staying Ahead of the Era's Needs.
Tackling unprecedented levels of function and resolution

Market trends and issues

In the security lens field, Computar has continued to work untiringly on improving design and performance, design that takes robustness into consideration, and lens assembly adjustment technologies, all to improve the functions and resolution of lenses while staying abreast of advanced, diverse needs at all times. As we fully enter the 4K era, we are developing products that can support the needs of deep learning, advanced risk-prediction AI, and even higher resolution for 4K surveillance cameras that are lauded as the best in the industry.


Computar's security lenses offer a product lineup that demonstrates optimum performance not only in a range of indoor environments, but also in harsh outdoor natural environments such as storms and low temperatures, and in the advanced systems needed to work in concert with applications such as image analysis and night vision.

In the field of surveillance, images taken using Computar's ultra-high resolution lenses are being enabled for ROI and used in AI-based facial recognition. The optical technology that allows high-quality images over the entire frame, from the center to the edge, is a response to sophisticated needs.

In the ever-advancing field of security lenses, there is a growing need for monitoring with constant focus adjustments using Computar's i-CS technology. At Computar, we draw on our expertise and track record in communication with cameras, image processing devices, and lighting equipment to develop motorized lenses for high-resolution, intelligent cameras in partnership with cutting-edge hardware manufacturers.


Future Prospects

In the security market there will be added expectations for increased resolution, the advanced AI required for risk prediction, and deep learning. What is required of Computar is the development of lenses suitable for sophisticated image identification that far exceeds what is possible now. At Computar, we blend planning and sales, development and design, and production technology into a single whole, building a deeper collaborative relationship with numerous customers, including manufacturers and systems integrators related to security as a whole, working to fuse these with our unique technology and knowledge while creating products that respond to a wide range of advanced needs.


Retail Developing lenses that stay ahead of the times
at AI stores and so on for crime prevention or marketing

In the retail industry, cameras are found in a vast number of places today as a way to prevent crime, using sophisticated facial recognition and behavior detection technology. Many of these uses wide-angle lenses that capture a wide field of view as general security cameras, but for marketing today there is an increasing need for telephoto lenses that can properly capture each individual's face. For example, at cash registers or product shelves in pharmacies or supermarkets, wide-angle lenses are largely used for crime prevention, while at entrances or in carparks, for example, telephoto lenses that can recognize customers’ faces or car number plates are used. In particular, we will see more and more security cameras being installed per store with the rise in unmanned cash registers. The needs of security lenses will become increasingly multipolarized as, for example, the use of board lenses for ToF sensors spreads in places like AI stores, which are increasingly common in a range of industries. At Computar, we will pioneer a new era through our track record of solutions for a range of industries, our unique product development, and our wide range of products.


Banks From inside to outside, as well as behavior detection,
we offer lenses that can cover a diverse range of areas

At present, security cameras are vital for banking offices and ATMs, so clear, wide-angle cameras that capture the entire bank premises are required. In addition, the surrounding area and parking lots also need to be monitored, so there is an increasing need for precise telephoto lenses that can capture the surroundings at a distance both in the day and at night. There has been a particular need in recent years for systems that can detect and record the faces and behaviors of people entering the premises as a way to prevent crime. At Computar, we are developing lenses for human behavior detection and facial/biometric recognition, offering a lineup of high-resolution lenses suited for the diverse security needs of banks.


National Security Control functions and high-resolution images for long-range zoom lenses required to withstand a range of environments

In the security field, government jobs cover a wide range, so lenses need to be able to perform in all sorts of environments, including fog and rain, during the day and night, and from ranges of a few hundred meters to several kilometers, all using a single lens. We can cover from wide angle to super-telephoto using a single large zoom lens with multiple factors of magnification for long-distance monitoring such as forest disaster prevention, border monitoring, port monitoring, ship monitoring, and remote island monitoring in particular. There is also a need for camera systems that can be used in conjunction with infrared floodlights in environments where there are no light sources, and precise remote control functions are important in places that are remote or high up. We make possible motorized control for zoom and focus by remote control to ensure stress-free monitoring whether nearby or from a distance. Even unmanned patrols are possible through a combination of alarms and lens control from different locations via the internet. In particular, we expect to see growth in the night vision field, using long-wave infrared (LWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), and near-infrared (NIR), so Computar focused on this area from an early stage, and is developing unique models ahead of our competition.


Railways A lineup optimized for all the environments of railways and facilities around the world

Railway-related security projects are mainly stations, as well as platform safety checks, monitoring boarding and alighting, and safety checks along the tracks. There are many corridors, stairs, escalators, elevators, and so on in terminal stations and subways in particular, and varifocal lenses or low-magnification zoom lenses are generally used for these areas. Long-focus zoom lenses are used for high-speed trains or long-distance trains in particular where track safety needs to be checked. Tracks need to be monitored day and night, and in places there can be harsh weather conditions, such as fog or rain, and sometimes even infrared pass filters that use the linearity of infrared rays are required. Lenses need to be selected to suit each environment and use around the world, and Computar offers a wide lineup for every environment on Earth.


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