From Planning and Design to Product Design,
The Computar Brand's Philosophy Runs Through Our Supply System

Computar's products are created from an organization that seamlessly links all production technology departments, from R&D to development design, product design, and industrial design. What should a Computar product be like? That is the question we ask ourselves, right from the planning stage. Always basing ourselves on this firm manufacturing and quality control, we have created a responsible supply system to provide the products our customers want.

Product design that considers ease of use, functionality for where it will be used, and the environment

Computar's lenses for machine vision use designs with knurlings that make focus and iris adjustments easy even when they are installed in hard-to-reach places. This lets our customers determine just by touch which are the focus rings and which are the iris rings. Computar aims for industrial yet individualistic, usable product designs with a focus on customers actually using them. We also add enough robustness from the design stage to ensure our products can continue to provide high quality. We have come up with environmentally-friendly design that eliminates waste and reduces rubbish as much as possible without affecting appearance or quality. We select parts that meet RoHS and REACH while making use of our technical knowledge to ensure that our customers can use high-quality products for as long as possible.


Linking knowledge and technology from many fields,
we offer optimal solutions to our customers as a “Catalyst of Optics”

As the field of optics which Computar deals with is extremely specialized, our customers are not always able to determine the specifications they need. So our engineers directly communicate with our customers, and work with parts manufacturers and suppliers as a “Catalyst of Optics” in addition to drawing on our own development and technology skills and experience. We solve problems by bringing together technology and knowledge from many different fields. Computar's engineers are also attuned to global market trends and technologies, constantly pioneering new needs while feeding them back into product design. Together with our customers, we consider when, where, and what sort of optical systems and products are needed, and how to provide the best possible answers to these questions.


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