About Computar

Computar's Strengths and Track Record

The faith in a creative trading company with roots going back a hundred years, and the experience of a specialist lens manufacturer that has led the world for half a century.
Computar links these solid track records to next-generation innovations.
Computar is an industrial lens brand that boasts the biggest market share in the world. Computar's origins date back a hundred years as a creative trading company through the CBC Group, with half a century in optics as an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial lenses. Our ingenuity in developing products is the backbone of Computar’s growth to this day.
That solid faith and track record are now being passed on to the next generation. We constantly aim for new innovations, powered by the technical abilities and creativity of Computar, and the partnerships we have forged with customers all over the world.

Fusing the basic and specialist technologies boasted by Computar, we pioneer paths for the diverse needs of future societies.

In the field of industrial lenses that we are in, needs will only grow more detailed and precise as social issues broaden and next-generation industry grows. For example, we can apply Computar's unique optical science expertise to the needs of future society, such as 5G, AI, IoT, and robotics, actively supporting and promoting the diverse industrial activities and construction of the infrastructure that future societies will demand. We shall accelerate the development of our unique specialized technologies while at the same time, combining different basic technologies, in order to meet the world's new needs such as lens designs that support high resolution, miniaturization, weight reduction, automation, and wide wavelength bandwidths.


Security and machine vision:
the diverse potentials that expand out from these two technologies

Computar's security lenses offer a product lineup that demonstrates optimum performance not only in a range of indoor environments, but also in harsh outdoor natural environments such as storms and low temperatures, and in the advanced systems needed to work in concert with applications such as video analysis and night vision. At the same time, our FA lenses lineup, featuring a range of functions such as high resolution and electrification, extends to every part of the manufacturing line, covering printed circuit board inspection, package encapsulation inspection, automatic operation of processing equipment, quality control, material sorting, and so on. The track record Computar has developed in these two areas of technology will be used to pioneer new needs along with our existing two-way practical knowledge and multifaceted imagination, as well as fusing technology in fields such as industrial robots and mobility systems where we expect to see new technological developments.


Computar wants to ensure optimum proposals for our customers

Computar holds regular events each year for global IT companies or medical companies to exchange ideas, which helps us gather information about new markets opening up and future technology. We lob ideas at our customers, like “wouldn't it be interesting if we had a product like this,” sharing the commercialization processes and evolving our technologies beyond the boundaries of a lens maker. For example, we sell Computar-brand lenses to a manufacturer of complete cameras, but another team is also working on selling completed cameras from that manufacturer to businesses in a separate field. We have flexible departmental links that allow us to, for example, develop better lenses for one company while also selling completed products in new markets, constructing a system that allows us to obtain new needs and hints from both directions.

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