Automobiles are rapidly dominating the world.
Responding to newly growing ITS needs

Market trends and issues

With the rapid spread of automobiles, roads are being developed to cope with the increased traffic, with normal roads, trunk routes, and toll roads being constructed or rebuilt all over the world. This brings numerous issues, such as alleviating traffic jams or preventing traffic accidents such as speeding on trunk routes or expressways and parking violations or turning/lane change rule violations in town, as well as ensuring the safety of school zones targeted at schoolchildren. The ITS (Intelligent Transport System), which monitors speed violations through speed-detecting video systems placed over traffic lanes on trunk routes or expressways, can now monitor four lanes with a single camera thanks to increased resolution. With more effective operation possible, it can also cover both visible light and near infrared to allow it to monitor traffic both day and night. There will be an increasing need for lenses that minimize any aberrations in focus.


Lenses for ITS are often used in elevated locations along expressways and trunk routes, and at intersections along normal routes, or where traffic is heavy, which means that it is extremely hard to adjust the lens when installing or correcting later. So at Computar, we have developed a specialized motorized lens where the zoom, focus, and aperture can all be remotely controlled.

At these cameras monitor 24 hours a day, all lens models come standard with the ability to shoot in high-resolution near infrared without losing focus either during the day (visible light) or the night (near infrared). Our lineup offers the right product for the right place, from our large format series that supports large sensors for high resolution, to our lightweight, compact design for all series we developed that requires less space to install and weighs less as a system.


Future Prospects

The ITS system offers new possibilities for electrification, automated driving using AI, and a range of other services. As the world becomes more dominated by automobiles, it can be applied to things like smart parking lots, recognized number plates at toll booths, facial recognition of drivers and a range of other ways to prevent traffic violations or crime and ensure safety. We will continue to provide high-performance, optimal products that suit the various needs of the globally-expanding ITS market.


Road Monitoring Staying ahead of global ITS needs through a fusion of specialist technologies,going beyond the boundaries of security and machine vision

At Computar, we use Lens Connect® technology, developed from a machine vision-based concept, for monitoring roads. It supports reliable monitoring even when the distance to the subject changes, such as with automobiles or people. The i-CS technology we developed in the security field is also finding use in road monitoring. It offers simpler yet more advanced control for those using it for monitoring. Images are at risk of being out of focus in heavily-trafficked or high locations, where vibrations from passing vehicles or wind can affect them. However, using i-CS technology means the lens can feed back focus position information so that the camera's EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) can correct focus. Computar provides solutions to the world that fuse a diverse range of technologies and expertise, beyond the boundaries of specializations.


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