CBC Co., Ltd. has developed the MPT series of industrial lenses compatible with large multi-pixel sensors that fully demonstrate the performance of the latest CMOS sensors of 1.4type to 1.2type (including 4/3type).

By adopting a highly versatile C mount for high mega pixel sensors, which had enlarged lens size in the past, it contributes to various applications and system miniaturization.

1. Model name, specifications

computar web_E_.jpg

2. Main features of "computar MPT series"

Dedicated optical design for high-mega pixel latest sensor 1.4-1.2 type

Apart from the 1.1-inch and 1-inch lens lineups, we have released a new 1.4-inch to 1.2-inch image format (including 4 / 3-inch). The optical system optimized for fine pixel sizes such as 2.3um and 2.74um. It also achieves the best performance such as anti-shading and lower distortion.

Floating design that realize high performance image quality from close distance to infinity

In the diversified machine vision market, maintain high performance not only at close distance but also at infinity. It can be applied to new fields such as industrial drones and sports analytics, and wide area monitoring systems combined with ultra-high pixel sensors.

High optical performance from the center to corner edge by high-dimensional aberration correction and lens alignment / adjustment technology

Put the ultra-high refractive index glass and low-dispersion glass in a well-balanced optical designing. This achieves high optical performance over the entire screen and it goes well with the multi-ROI function and expands the possibilities of diagnostic imaging.

C-mount lens optimized for large sensor format 1.4 type

By adopting C-mount which has the highest versatility for general industrial use, it makes possible to increase the number of pixels without using a large-diameter mount such as F-mount. It is highly versatile and at the same time, contributes to the miniaturization of the device and system.

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